Robin at Twin Falls
Robin Cravey
lawyer, poet, publisher, citizen
Robin Cravey was born and raised in Houston, Texas, a sixth generation Texan.  He grew up surrounded by pine trees, books, hard work, and love.  He came to Austin to attend the University of Texas and fell in love with the city.
He has worked in Austin and Central Texas as a taxi driver, newspaper editor, and political aide. In his forties, Robin returned to the University of Texas to earn a law degree, and he now operates a solo law practice downtown.

Power of Words
Tilted Planet Press
As editor & publisher of Tilted Planet Press, Robin has published books of stories and poems by Central Texas writers and poets, as well as volumes of his own poetry.
Robin has written, published, and performed poetry in Austin since the 1970s, and he regularly appears at the Austin International Poetry Festival.  His poetry is informed by the natural world, and he writes on themes ranging from the personal to the cosmic, with generous helpings of family, love, and politics.
Robin also delivers presentations on poetry, including “Poetry in the Natural World,” and “Poetry as Reportage.”
His volumes of poetry include: Benchmarks; I am a comet; Night Falls in the Lost Pines; Enchanted Rock; and Diverging.