Let’s meet at the intersection of two literary festivals
Robin Cravey will lead a parade of poets signing books when the Austin International Poetry Festival invades the Texas Book Festival beginning 10 am October 25 at the Texas Capitol Grounds. The Poetry Festival will be staking out booth 102 at the Book Festival in the exhibitors tent. This will be the first year for the Poetry Festival to exhibit at the Book Festival.

Robin will kick off the exhibit at 10 am Saturday, signing the new edition of Benchmarks, his colorful volume of poems and photos from the trail around Lady Bird Lake. He promises to give a hint about his upcoming book on the Barton Creek trail during the hour.

Patricia Fiske will follow Robin at the booth at 11 am. Other poets signing their books that day will include Michael Baldwin, Cindy Huyser, Del Cain, Christa Pandey, and Ginnie Siena Bivona.

Claire Vogel Camargo will lead Sunday’s lineup of poets, also featuring Bryan Nichols, Susan Summers, Barbara Youngblood Carr, Sandi Horton, Austin Sarles, and Debra Winegarten.

The Texas Book Festival has been bringing authors to Austin for almost twenty years taking over the Capitol grounds each fall. The Austin International Poetry Festival has been bringing poets to Austin for over twenty years, taking over the bookstores and coffee houses each spring.

Benchmarks cover front 2
Benchmarks to debut at Book Festival
Benchmarks is the new edition of Robin Cravey’s lavish and lyrical paean to his city, Austin, Texas. It brings together the vibrant city, the beautiful trail at its heart, and the grand progression of the seasons. From the lumpy frog on the bank to the soaring crane in the sky, the life of the city moves through these pages.

Originally published as
A Year of Sundays, the book was renamed for the second edition. As Robin wrote in the foreword, “I decided to shift the title from the weekly routine to the simple act of sitting on a bench and marking in a book.”

Of course, marking in a book is not all the poet did. He also took a series of vivid photos that brighten every page.

This book is a new departure for Robin’s poetry. Though he has been writing love poems to Austin for decades, this book sets it out in a new concept: the trailbook.

If you see Robin hiking on the Barton Creek trail, he is probably deep in thought about the next trailbook.